Beetleworx are robots and villains in Epic Mickey. They are created by the Mad Doctor to stop Mickey and are for Oswald. Mickey cannot befriend them with paint and he must use paint to remove their armor. 



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Tankers are Beetleworx that are strong. If it sees Mickey, it wil spray Paint or Thinner at him, but is he gets close to it, it will punch him. It has an alien helmet from a trooper in Lilo and Stitch and a golden light cycle. The second one has Nasira or the Evil Queen and the Poison Apple.


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Hoppers are Beetleworx as they hop. The first one is one of the vultures from The Jungle Book. The second one is Scuttle/Wilbur from The Little Mermaid/The Rescuers.


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Spinners are Beetleworx that ressembles mechanical spiders. It's equipped with buzzsaws. The first type seem to be Skeleton Spiders from the Mad Doctor. In the E3 Build, one has a Tea Cup overturned on its back.


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Bashers are last varieties for Beetleworx. One of Hook's Pirates converted into them in Ventureland and as well as Maximillian from The Black Hole. They look like skeletons in Lonesome Manor.


The unused Beetleworx are the ones with the head of Hades with Mickey's car and the one with the head of Jiminy Cricket and the legs of Dumbo. There is also one unused Pirate Beetleworx which tosses bombs at Mickey. There is also one with the Hoppers' Model, but they were unused in Tomorrow City.