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Becky is a character and an antagonist from The Suite Life on Deck. She is the girl that Zack drenched with water on the Sky Deck in "Smarticle Particles".


Becky is the captain of the boy's wrestling team, and the fight between her and Zack at 3:00 ends up with her becoming his girlfriend. She has one date with Zack when he finally wants to break up with her. Then, Zack tells Woody to steal her away from him, so they'll break up and she won't cause him any pain. It turns out she comes back at the Easy Squeezy, and she looks incredibly pretty. Zack thinks she is there to win him back, but she is actually going on a date with Woody. After that, he says he misses being lifted and Moseby's reply was... "Don't look at me."Becky's full, real name is Rebecca Serena Moldune. She nicknames herself Becky to sound tough. She always liked Zack, and was excited when he asked her out.