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Beard Deer is a character and an antagonist from Star vs. the Forces of Evil. He is a member of Ludo's army. He is sometimes seen standing guard next to Ludo's throne.


Beard Deer is a tall, muscular light blue monster with deer-like antlers, a reddish-brown beard, darker blue marks under his eyes, and a stitch on his forehead. He wears a hoop earring on one of his long ears, a sleeveless white shirt, turquoise pants, and dark purple boots.


  • Theme Song
  • Star and The Forces of Evil

Season 1

  • Star Comes to Earth
  • Match Maker
  • Brittney's Party
  • Lobster Claws
  • Fortune Cookies
  • Mewnipendance Day
  • Marco Grows a Beard
  • Storm the Castle



  • Beard Deer's name originates from the game Star vs. the Dungeon of Evil and the episode "Marco Grows a Beard".
  • "Marco Grows a Beard" also reveals that Ludo took him in from off the streets.
  • Beard Deer is also called Deer Beard in the Disney XD online game Ludo's Monster Match.
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