Bash Johnson is a bully at Norrisville High.


He is McFist's stepson, Norrisville High Crushin' Carp quarterback and a grade-A jerk who thinks he's the king of the school. What Bash lacks in intelligence, he makes up for in fists, as seen when in "Attack of the Killer Potatoes" where he believes the letter C is a number.

When Randy and Howard are discussing the 'No Ninja' situation Bash is seen chasing Bucky around. When he gets caught, his parents are called up and they have a discussion about Bash's behaviors with Principal Slimovitz. The Ninja then shows up and Slimtovitz, Hannibal, and Bash run out the door.


  • He may be an homage to Flash Thompson from the Spider-Man series.
  • He thought the Norrisville Ninja was Santa Claus since he came down the chimney in "Silent Punch, Deadly Punch".