Barry is a minor antagonist that appears in the 2019 animated series Amphibia. He is a devious frog man that specializes in the dark arts of magic curses.


Physical Appearance[]

Barry is a tall plump blue frog with round eyes, two large front teeth, pink cheeks and a light blue underbelly. He has bright red bushy hair that is mostly covered up by a dark brown top-hat that has a maroon band around it, along with a patch. His outfit consists of a plum purple dress-coat with a yellow bow-tie, complete with stripped pink pants and black dress-shoes.


At first, Barry seems like nice friendly guy who you'd stumble upon. However he is later revealed to have unforgiving nature with façade of niceness that he blatantly admits.

Role in the series[]

Barry appears in the episode segment "Cursed!" as the main antagonist. He is first seen carrying a bucket of blue moon berries, which grows every ten years, until Anne Boonchuy and Sprig Plantar accidentally bumped into him. This caused Barry to drop the bucket, spilling the contents of berries in the process.

Later, he was discovered by Anne, Sprig, and Maddie Flour in his secret hideout and revealed to the trio that he was the one responsible for placing the curse on Anne and Sprig. He did this out of spite when Anne and Sprig ruined his harvest of blue moon berries. Barry then engaged Maddie in a magic duel (tossing bags of hexes at each other). In the end, Maddie defeated Barry and transformed him into a monster bird creature.



  • His clothing resembles Willy Wonka, specifically the Gene Wilder version.