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Badfoot is a character and antagonist in Yin Yang Yo!.


First appearing in the episode "The Big Payback", this purple horse is the one enemy that Master Yo had difficulty defeating. Badfoot is supported by his horn section, he dresses like James Brown, and he used to carry with him a power item called the Lick-n-Stick. On a yearly basis, he would come into the city to drain Woo Foo energy out of Master Yo. When Yin and Yang "fought the funk" (even though they had to use it their way), they managed to aid Master Yo in defeating Badfoot at last, claiming the Lick-n-Stick in the process.

Badfoot later returned in the episode "Old Softie", wanting to get the Lick-n-Stick back. He dressed up as Salty McSalterstein, the soft pretzel factory owner, setting up traps while his horn section tried to get the Lick-n-Stick (which they both failed in doing). After all of his other traps failed, he decided to bake the Woo Foo Warriors into a giant pretzel; but Master Yo used Sakwa Foo to break Yin, Yang, and himself out. Badfoot, knowing he was defeated, ran off.