The Bad Ending is an ending in Epic Mickey. If you chose the bad or neutral path, the ending will play.


As Yen Sid says, he says in this ending:

On the struggles we faced or avoided, how well we managed time, enemies defeated or redeemed, the ways we treat others, and perhaps the most important friendships nutured or neglected.


  • Small Pete is sulking in the Colosseum. (You get this if you trade Small Pete's Ship Log to Gremlin Shaky or if you don't get it at all)
  • The Clock Tower has his face in the Thinner Pool and his ear is floating away, but he is still moving his hands and arms. (You get this if you defeat the Clock Tower by using Thinner on the arms and hands)
  • Captain Hook is destroyed. His hook is still in the water and the hook sinks. It's revealed that Tick Tock ate him. (You get this for bashing Hook into the pillars and walls or sending him to Tick Tock at the plank)
  • When the Gremlins talk at once, a digital image of Petetronic appears on a Tomorrow City screen and scares them away. (You get this for filling Petetronic with Thinner)
  • The Mean Street citizens are happy and Big Bad Pete got mad at the citizens and scares them away and laughs evily. (You get this if you don't help Small Pete, destroyed Petetronic and not saving the Sprite that belongs to Pete Pan)
  • Horace Horsecollar is sulking and closing down his agency and walks away. (You get this if you don't solve his cases)
  • In Ventureland by the Hut Shop, One Eyed Ian shakes and harasses Daisy Duck in his case. (You get this if you don't find all of her parts)
  • In OsTown, Goofy is left on his own on his case and is sad while the town is messy. (You get this if you don't find all of his parts)
  • In Bog Easy in the Square, a Spatter chews on Donald Duck's case. Donald gets annoyed. (You get this if you don't find all of his parts)


  • Yen Sid said that Wasteland doesn't need him anymore. The citizens ironically do.
  • Mickey seems sad in this ending.
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