Axel and Loco are minor antagonists and two grasshoppers in Hopper's gang from A Bug's Life.

Axel was voiced by Jan Rabson, and Loco was voiced by Carlos Alazraqui.

Role in the film[]

They believed that it was pointless to return to Ant Island and convinced Molt to give this idea to Hopper as his own, believing that he will get beaten for such an idea. When Molt informs Hopper and receives a sharp reply, he tells Hopper that they gave him the idea. Hopper then extracts payback by burying Axel and Loco in a large pile of nuts, killing them both, although during the scene where Flik and the Blueberries are sneaking up the tree to the fake bird, two grasshoppers are seen that look like Axel and Loco.