Augie Sansome[2] is a character and antagonist from Fillmore!. He is an X Middle School attendant and tartar sauce smuggler.


In the former, aforementioned episode, his first major role is when he's spotted by Fillmore and Ingrid outside the school carrying a box, which they presume contains answer sheets to the S.A.T.T.Y. 9 test, and they suspect him of stealing them. After a pursuit that ends with the three falling into a lake, he denies taking them and after opening the box, the safety patrollers finding its contents are really tartar sauce packets.

In the latter, aforementioned episode, he's first seen selling phony backstage passes, and he doesn't permit one kid to pass when he wants to enter. However, he lets another named Scooter McAllister in, after being intimidated. When Scooter is backstage in the auditorium, he has a run-in with Fillmore, who intends and attempts to stop him from doing whatever he's planning on doing. But before Fillmore can take Scooter in, he's distracted when Scooter lets a giant, macaroni statue of Principal Folsom wheel off the stage and disintegrate before it can be caught. After being questioned about the incident in the principal's office, he and Ingrid get to the bottom of this. Augie is then seen again outside, when he runs into Scooter and two, other boys, who confront him. They want to set him up and let him take the fall for the collapse of the macaroni statue and after he distracts them, they go after him. When Augie comes across Fillmore and Ingrid, Fillmore is unwilling to help him at first, given his reputation. But Ingrid says that they must help anyway, regardless. As the three are being pursued, they go through the obstacle of a re-enactment of the American Revolution, complete with the firing of custard (Augie is hesitant and afraid to go through all that, because of his allergic reaction to the condiment, but he gives in). When they're back in the school and are chased through the halls, they hide in the closet, where Augie and Ingrid change and wear each other's clothes. Jamie Townsend sees Fillmore and offers him a room where he can hide, which is the Converted Center Control Room. It's then revealed that Jamie, Scooter and the two other boys were all in cahoots with trying to get Augie and Fillmore in trouble. But Fillmore has the last laugh when Ingrid steps out of a shadow and reveals herself not really to be Augie, but just dressed in Augie's attire. Augie escapes and makes it to the trial to clear his name. Once that finished, he receives assistance from Fillmore in rebuilding the macaroni statue that was destroyed.


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