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Aubrey Macavoy is a character and antagonist in Girl Meets World. She appears in the special episode "Girl Meets Demolition".

Aubrey is portrayed by Debby Ryan.


Aubrey is shown to be intelligent and ambitious, yet also conniving and somewhat mercenary. She has the ability to read people and is quick to exploit any weaknesses she can detect within potential customers to make sales, often at over-inflated prices.



Hillary Macavoy

Hillary is Aubrey's mother and co-owner and manager of Demolition. Aubrey seems to have inherited many of her personality traits from her.

Ron Macavoy

Ron is Aubrey's father and co-owner and manager of Demolition. He and his wife share many similarities.


  • "The angels call this color 'Imaginatia'"
  • "Well, you've certainly come to the right place."


  • She expects to eventually take over the store.
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