Atka is a man who does not believe in the spirits. He appears as the main antagonist in Disney's 2006 film, Brother Bear 2, sequel to the 2003 film.

He was voiced by Jeff Bennett.

Role in the film[]

Atka is a very strong warrior Nita was supposed to marry. However, the Great Spirits interrupted the wedding ceremony, not wanting Nita to marry Atka.

Nita then went on a journey to Honkani Falls to burn an amulet that was given to her by Kenai so she can marry Atka. After her task was done, she returns to her village, but was hesitant in carrying out the wedding ceremony. Atka gets furious and was one of the warriors who chased after Kenai and Koda, intent on hunting them down to marry Nita again if it's the last thing he does. In the film's climax, Atka nearly hurts Kenai, by pushing him off a cliff into shallow water below, and Nita yells at Atka for hurting Kenai as she runs to the bear's side, leaving Atka confused and remorseful over his actions. Atka later watches Nita turn into a bear by the Great Spirits of Sitka and Koda's mother.