Arnold Mousenegger and Sugar Ray Lizard are members of Rat Capone's gang in Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers.


Arnold is the strongest member in the gang while Sugar Ray is a lizard thief. Sugar Ray is notably smarter than Arnold and has at times explained to him what Rat Capone means when he gives orders, such as in "Mind Your Cheese and Q's" when Rat Capone orders them to take the rangers to the Executive Suite, Sugar Ray interprets it as the sewer and explains that to Arnold. Later when Rat Capone tells Sugar Ray and Arnold to send Gadget to a weight reduction device, Capone really means their cheese slicer.

Arnold, on the other hand, is a typical dumb, brawny henchman, who lives to follow orders. He also has a strange habit of re-quoting a line that had just been uttered by either himself or another character, such as in 'Mind Your Cheese in Q's" when Sugar Ray compliments Capone on his sense of humor, to which Arnold replies: "Yeah, and you're funny too". Another instance of this is in "The S.S. Drainpipe" when he actually re-quotes himself: "We won't be bothered by their presence again, and we won't see them again neither". 


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