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Undead Army

The Army of the Dead is the army of the Horned King in "The Black Cauldron." After the Horned King summons them, they proceed to kill his guards, as they are the replacement. They are ultimately destroyed by Gurgi after the latter sacrifices himself.

Physical Description[]

The Army of the Dead are skeletons wearing many varieties of armor and weapons. It is unknown what they looked like while they were alive.


The Army had varied personalities when they were alive. Eventually, they are dark, scary, and pure evil. Their goal is to destroy all living beings in their path.

Behind the scenes[]

As some of the more nightmarish beings in Disney media, considering their undead zombie nature, many of the deleted scenes of the film surround the waking of the Cauldron Born and their attacks. One of the more infamous cuts and one that an image of would find its way online of would be a scene of the green mist from the cauldron melting the skin off the bones of one of his mortal soldiers, thus killing the latter.

The Cauldron Born appeared at the end of the Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour at Tokyo Disneyland, where the Horned King brought them to life to attack the guests. However, they were defeated alongside their master when a guest was chosen to use a magic sword to destroy the Cauldron and beat the Horned King with it.