Appoline is one of the secondary antagonists in Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2. She is a French poodle as well as Colleen Mansfield's pet.


Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 []

In the beginning, Appoline is seen being accidentally covered in dirt by Papi and Chloe's puppies. Chloe tries to tell her that they're just puppies, but she doesn't care. She has a French accent, but Chloe states she is actually from the Valley, though she denies it. Appoline is revealed to have won the dog show for a third year in a row. She and Colleen are seen walking away after the conflict. Later, at the Beverly Hills dog show, Appoline is competing again for the fourth win. Her talent is paw-painting and makes a painting of a first-place trophy. In the end, due to Papi's lack of breeding papers, Appoline wins by default. She and her owner are not seen afterwards.

In the end credits, Appoline is shown singing Chihuahua along with everyone else.


  • In the trailer, she was the only villain that was actually talking.