The Apaches are the sole antagonists of Disney's 1963 live-action film Savage Sam (the sequel to Disney's 1957 film Old Yeller).

They are a tribe of unscrupulous Apaches who have in their number one slightly wiser Comanche.


Travis, Arliss, and their neighbor's granddaughter, Lisbeth Searcy are taken captive by Apaches stealing horses. Travis is left behind when the Apaches are chased by a cavalry patrol and is found by Sam (thanks to Sam's keen sense of smell).

Uncle Beck gathers up a search party including Lisbeth's somewhat overbearing grandfather, Bud Searcy (once again played by Jeff York), and neighbor Wiley Crup. Led by Sam, who tracks the Apaches despite an injured paw and a hail storm, the search party finds and rescues Arliss and Lisbeth.

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