Andre's Cats are Andre Demouche's well-trained pet lions and tiger, and the secondary antagonists of the Quack Pack episode, "Cat & Louse".


Andre's cats appear to be big jungle cats, which are two lions and a tiger.

Role in the episode[]

The jungle cats first appear when Andre orders them to sit on stools and watch Raven fly in a toy jet plane. Andre forces his jungle cats to follow his orders otherwise he will kill them like he did to a lion named Max. The big cats are later seen when Andre makes them chase Huey. Huey outsmarts the cats by serving them meat in the kitchen and they leave him alone. After Huey makes Raven chase Andre all the way to his kitchen in his toy jet plane, Andre finds the jungle cats eating meat. He angrily takes the meat away from them and refuses to feed them for a week, which makes them angry and eat him, due to Huey's order with the ring of a dinner bell.