Alvin Yasbeck was a human who donned the superhero guise of "Mondo Man" in Mighty Ducks.

Role in the series[]

Mondo Man is a stereotypical comic book superhero to the core. He stands for nothing but 'truth, justice, and the Anaheim way'. Behind the costume is Alvin Yasbeck, a comic book loving chemistry genius, who wants superpowers in order to be more noticed among his friends. He also wishes to prove that humans can be better heroes than the group of aliens known at The Mighty Ducks.

When Dragaunus hears about him, he seizes on the opportunity, pumping Alvin up with his DNA accelerator. He also convinces Alvin that the Saurians are a race of benevolent creatures, under attack by the Ducks.

The Anaheim police force are willing to support the efforts of a human superhero over a team of aliens, and so the Ducks become public enemy number one. In addition to his strength, Mondo Man uses a key weapon against the Ducks: a mineral called ducktonite. Somehow, the ducktonite os able to weaken any Ducks that get too close.

When he is no longer needed, Dragaunus reverses the effects of the accelerator, and returns Alvin to normal. Alvin is captured by the Ducks and made to see the error of his ways. He is now in police custody.