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Allegiant General Pryde is the secondary antagonist of the 2019 movie Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker. He is the second in command of the First Order after Kylo Ren, who happens to be a double agent and betray him for Darth Sidious. He is an ambitious warlord who would achieve his goals at all costs.

He is portrayed by Richard E. Grant, who also played Zander Rice from Logan.


He initially appears as the second in command of the First Order and he takes orders from Kylo Ren and secretly also from Darth Sidious, the Emperor of the Final Order. He at first discusses with Kylo about Sidious's plans to kill Rey and destroy all worlds. He suggests that they strike other planets down with the final weapon which he and Hux made for the Emperor. Kylo in secret however from the entire First Order wanted to save Rey from the total apocalypse by revealing to her the past about "her parents". It is revealed that Rey and Kylo are bound with the force, which created them to be Sidious's foiled creations. To make matters worse for Pryde and The First Order, Hux decides to leak some info to The Resistance, thus becoming "the spy" which they have not expected. Hux does so in order to kill Ren, but Pryde has his own ambitions in the meanwhile. Hux comes back with a wounded leg (after Finn secretly shot him in the leg) and he makes excuses as against Kylo, planning to end worlds once and for all and take the command himself. Pryde however out of jealousy and lust for power murders Hux and announces him as a traitor, just before turning his troops against Kylo Ren and revealing that he only serves Sidious himself. He then strikes his weapon on one of the targeted planets. However, before he could destroy all worlds with his weapon, The Resistance as well as some other rebel ordinary citizens come and attack him. The rebels also manage to destroy his signal tower, as this causes a blackout in his technology. Eventually, his starship collapses and he is seen dying in the explosion.


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