Alexander & Terry

Alexander and Terry are minor antagonists of Big City Greens. Despite their decent appearances, they tend to have some negative traits with each other but they still care for each other and enjoy one another's company. Given that they are similar to another villainous male duo, it is possible that they hate Cricket and Remy.


Alexander is usually the loud, curious, and talkative one of the duo. While he is generally friendly towards Terry, who he loves being with and spending time with, he has a tendency to be bossy towards him, much to Terry's annoyance.

Terry, on the other hand, is usually the quiet one. He has never spoke in the series, and most of his activities are usually mute. However, he does enjoy dancing with Alexander (only if the opportunity is present at hand).

Overall, both men still enjoy each other's presence. Sadly, they do not seem to enjoy Cricket and Remy's presence, possibly not even in the least.


  • Alexander and Terry are heavily based off Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland, for very obvious reasons. Much like the two cops, the two friends like each other and hate the protagonist.