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A​lexander Paine is an evil crime boss and antagonist who seeks to take over Landmark City and serves as the main antagonist of the first season of the TV animated series A.T.O.M..



Paine's daughter is Samantha, aka Magness. He is very protective of her well being.


Paine has black hair with red highlights and red eyes; he usually wears black pants and jacket, and a red T-shirt. He actually looks oddly similar to Axel. His personalized equipment includes the Jet Burner and the Street Shredder.


He is a former covert ops spy for the government, and worked closely with Axel Manning's father, Sebastian Manning. Paine, in reality, was a double agent who sought world domination. When Sebastian discovered this, he confronted Paine, who was equipped with a bomb. As the two fought, the bomb went off. Paine's body was scarred and Sebastian Manning was labeled dead as a result. Paine was given life imprisonment for the murder of Sebastian Manning.

He served ten years at Talon Penitentiary, Landmark City's triple-maximum security prison, before Spydah helped break him out. He ran into Sebastian Manning's son, Axel, who sought revenge for his father and wanted Paine back in jail. Due to a freak accident that Axel caused, Paine's nervous system was permanently damaged. Because of this, he is in constant pain, but has the ability to transfer his intense pain to whomever he touches. Controlling a group of convicts from Talon, including Spydah and Flesh, Paine seeks to cause chaos and disorder in Landmark City, giving him an opportunity to take it over.

Paine is also an accomplished martial artist. He and Axel fought many times during the first season. After the Alpha Teens destroyed his base, Paine wanted to get rid of Axel once and for all. In what seemed like what was going to be their final battle, Paine revealed to Axel that he did not detonate the bomb that presumably killed his father. Paine was eventually defeated and sent back to jail.

Paine is an accomplished pianist and seems to be well educated. While Spydah and Flesh carry out most of his plans, Paine is not above hiring others to aid in said plans. He sometimes replaces Spydah and Flesh if they fail him or if he thinks they are obsolete compared to whoever he hires. Paine uses his power on his minions capriciously, usually if they say or do something unintelligent or counterproductive.