Alana Rivera is a character and antagonist of That's So Raven. She was Raven Baxter's nemesis throughout season 2. She had two loyal followers and slaves, Loca and Muffy.


Season 2

She debuted in the episode "Don't Have a Cow", in which she hosts a Halloween Party and invites everyone in the grade except Raven and Chelsea. They used Grandma Viv's magic spell to get themselves invited and win the costume contest but accidentally turned themselves into cows in the process. The spell works as not only are they invited, but the two cows beat Alana at the costume contest. However, it was revealed to be a vision.

Later on the show, Raven and Alana fight over Devon Carter, but after having a vision of Alana getting hurt Raven pushed her out of the way of a runaway cart and into the paint. While disguised as her hairdresser, Raven accidentally got her gum stuck in her hair.

Alana and her crew were the only ones to follow Raven's protest against Principal Lawler's uniforms rule. Raven began to hang with them until they planned to melt the stolen cheese in the vents to stink up the school and frame Eddie and Chelsea.

Then after snapping at them during a test, Raven was ordered to make peace with Alana and her crew or else they would be suspended. Raven invited Alana to her house for a sleepover. Alana told Raven that she never went to a sleepover before and went along with Raven's odd behavior after she had a vision that there would be an earthquake.

Raven told Alana and her crew that she was psychic so they wouldn't leave. They didn't believe her until the house began to shake. Cory entered and explained the rumbling was Victor crashing into the wall. Alana commended Raven on such a great practical joke and that she would have to return the favor.

We learn that in "Run Raven Run" that Raven and Alana used to be best friends until the 4th Grade. They both wanted the role of The Tooth Fairy in the School Play. Raven played The Tooth Fairy while Alana was stuck being the Tooth Decay.

Season 3

By Raven's junior year at Bayside High School, Alana had been sent to military school for her behavior. Her crew was then under the new leadership of Bianca, who was "so bad she got kicked out of military school".


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