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Airiels are characters and antagonists from Adventures of the Gummi Bears.


They live high up in the sky on Airiel Island. They were once a proud and helpful ally to the Ancient Gummies, both sharing their technologies and secrets with each other. However through time, their pride for their race and their Gummiberry Juice powered flying machines, dangerously exceed their ego to the point of rude and selfishness. This when trying to steal the recipe so to conquer the skies, lead to a battle between the Airiels and the Gummies, resulting in them to be marooned on their floating island for 500 years with not a single drop of Gummiberry Juice.

In their debut episode Top Gum, they stole the Gummies, so to get the recipe, only for the Gummies to escape, and leaving them high and dry for another 500 years.

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