Agent X is a character and antagonist in the cartoon series Quack Pack. She is a feminine and arrogant robot assassin working for an unnamed criminal organization.


Agent X appears in "Heavy Dental". Thinking he's visiting the dentist, Huey gets an experimental mind-control device attached to his head when the doctor in charge mistakes him for Agent X in disguise. As Huey quickly discovers and abuses the device's power to his advantage, Agent X is sent to terminate him and retrieve the device. She chases Huey back to Donald's house, where the duck is trying (and failing miserably) to fix the kitchen plumbing. Once inside, Dewey comes up with the idea to use the broken pipes to drench Agent X in a torrent of water, rusting her in the process,


When exposed to water, Agent X, being a steel robot, rusts as seen in "Heavy Dental" when Dewey duck fires a very powerful blast of water at her. When she exposes her true form, their are occasional voice changes, causing them to be related to mood swings in some way. She is also Naive, being tricked by to hold a cake with dynamite integrated inside


Agent X has two metal spikes protruding at the back of her head. She has an slim build, which fits perfectly with the disguise. In place of where her eyes should be, a visor spans across her face.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Speed: Agent X 's speed is unmatched. When she was chasing Huey, she had no problem catching up to the fleeing duck.
  • Strength: Agent X is capable of lifting a fully-grown man.
  • Aim: Having very good aim, Agent X was able to almost shoot Heuy's mind control device of his head.
  • Hypnosis immunity: Due to her not being human, the mind control device has no affect on her.
  • Gadgets: Agent X had an arsenal of gadgets at her disposal.
    • Buzzsaw hand: She can swap her right hand for a buzzsaw.
    • Blaster: Agent X's hand can turn into a Megaman-esque gun.
    • Built-in Booster: Integrated inside her back is a powerful rocket booster.
    • Sword/Lance: She can change her hand into a very pointy, lance-like sword.
    • Ray gun: Agent X has a ray gun that is revealed when a panel on her head opens
    • Metal polisher: Though not a weapon, Agent X uses this gadget only once.
  • Distance Calculation: Her visor can measure the distance of a chosen target