The Agent is the main antagonist of Bolt. He is Penny's former agent and a staff member of the Bolt TV shows.

Role in the film[]

His job, basically, is to control Penny to keep her working for the TV show, no matter what. He also tries to minimize Penny's feelings for Bolt wherever possible.

While he claims that he would trade Penny for his daughter in a heartbeat, he really doesn't care about Penny or her feelings at all, and proves this by bringing in another dog to play Bolt when he goes missing - and then trying to persuade her that it's the real Bolt.

He is the first person to find out when Bolt returns, as the dog accidentally trips him up. After the fire, his uncaring nature gets him thrown out of the ambulance by Penny's mother, who proceeds to take her daughter and quit the movie business.

The agent presumably either got fired for failing to keep Penny on the show, or arrested for cruelty (at minimum)


  • The Agent's real name is unknown.