Adrena Lynn[1] is a villain featured in the television show Kim Possible.


Adrena Lynn was a TV teen action star who specialized in "extreme" death-defying stunts. In reality, she faked all of her stunts, and was exposed by Kim and Ron when Kim tried to save Lynn from a failed bungee jump stunt, only to discover Lynn didn't do the stunt at all and was using a stuffed stunt-double dummy. It was really Ron, who exposed her to the press as being a "FAKE." She also seems to like using the word "freaky" in sentences (she puts emphasis on the eaky, but not the fr). Adrena Lynn attempted to get revenge on Kim for exposing her as a fraud, but was defeated and sent off to jail after a death-defying battle at an abandoned circus that ended with Adrena Lynn being exposed once again as a coward. However, it is possible that the experience was a key element in Dr. Possible being distrustful of "show folk" and celebrities, particularly after Kim's brothers, Jim and Tim, were both injured in an hamfisted attempt to replicate one of her stunts.


Adrena Lynn has a hard character, an extreme form of a bad and powerful girl. She adores the danger and tries to take it to extremes. In reality, she's a very cowardly person, having faked every extreme stunt in her career.

Adrena Lynn as a major villain[]

Adrena Lynn was originally supposed to be a major villain. She was put in many of the show's promotional images and was one of the villains fans were allowed to e-mail on the DisneyChannel.com/KimPossible website (before 2007). However, she did not prove to be popular with audiences and was written out of the series as a result. Currently, her only other appearances was in the video game Global Gemini for the Nintendo DS and a cameo in part two of "Graduation".


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  • "Graduation"


  • Her name is a play off of the word "adrenaline", which is a hormone in the body that would be produced in response to extreme stress.