Adelbert is a kid, bully and the main antagonist from the 1932 animated short Mickey's Good Deed.

Role in the short

Adelbert is first seen crying, throwing temper tantrums and refusing all the expensive toys that his father and the Butler have been trying to give him. Then, upon hearing Pluto's howling, Adelbert walks over to the window and peers outside. Upon seeing Pluto, Adelbert decides he wants Pluto.

After his father buys Pluto from Mickey, Adelbert soon tortures, harasses and treats Pluto badly, and throws expensive items, toys and foods at Pluto, his father and the Butler (who manages to dodge any incoming object Adelbert throws). Finally, unable to take it anymore, the father, believing he has had enough of Adelbert's vandalism and cruelty to Pluto, tells the Butler to throw Pluto out the front door (along with a turkey that his son tied to Pluto's tail), and the Butler does. Finally, his father drags his son onto his knee, pulls his pants down and spanks him for not treating Pluto right and ruining their home, much to Pluto's delight. It is unknown what happened to him afterwards. He was either still mean or reformed. It's possible he reformed after understanding that he needs to be nice to people or his dad dropped him off at his mom to teach him how to be a nice kid instead of being a spoiled jerk. He is also presumably stayed and eventually learns how to be nice to people.


  • He can't be considered a villain because he is only a kid and has to be educated. He can, however, be considered a bully or simply an antagonist.
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