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Abnor Mal is the minor antagonist in Aladdin,appearing in only one episode, "Lost and Founded". He is the ancestor of Abis Mal who was a member of Hamed's band of nomads, who found city of Agrabah. At the time of the founding of Agrabah he was their tentmaker, before that he was the goatherd. Unlike Sultan and Hamed, Abis Mal and Abnor Mal have very similar appearance, exept that Abnor has no beard. Abis Mal, with the help of a magic hourglass that acts as a time machine, tried to take over the group so that he could make his ancestor the sultan rather than Hamed, making him heir to the throne. And he is also known as attentive, brainy, negative, observant, respectful, mean, aggressive, loud, astute, bad-tempered, nasty, organized, rowdy, mischievous, ambitious and lion-hearted.

Abnor Mal apppears to be not very bright (even dumber than his descendant) and ambitious character, since he was against the settling of Nomads (wich would make tentmaking unnecessary, and decrease his rank to the goatherd again).

After a short battle in the Time Limbo (where they got after Abis Mal spilled all the Sand from the magical hourglass), Abis Mal's plan was foiled. As a result of that, Abnor Mal was banished from Hamed's group.

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